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Naydenov Gymnastics 

We teach, train, education, and inspire! One of the most important things for development and maintaining health, is physical movement. Our entire premise is to encourage movement and challenge self improvement. We offer a non-competitive way to excercise without joining a gym and doing workouts, or being on a sports team. This is obstacle course based climbing and hanging will work muscles that you don't use every day and as you try to beat your own time, you get a condensed cardio workout, too.


Physical activity promotes brain activity and learning, heart function, and improves mood. If you think you are not fit enough to join a gym or play sports, we invite you to try obstacle course movement with us and see the results yourself! Anyone can come, in any condition or skill level.



Vancouver WA




National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics

Eugene OR

Youth Class

Tu+Th 6:30-7:30pm


Teach. Train. Meet. Move.

Parkour classes

Parkour classes challenge students both physically and mentally. Students will stay highly active during class, engaging in creative drills and games in a fun, safe environment, all while learning challenging skills. You will learn traditional moves like rolls, kongs, and wall spins, and important aspects of the parkour philosophy, such as overcoming fear, solving problems, and setting goals. This is a great place to meet fellow practitioners and try new moves in a safe environment. Come train with us! Classes are held at Flipzone of Lee's Summit weekly on Sunday afternoons and at Lawrence Gymnastics and Athletics (LGA) weekly on Sunday evenings.


Come try out a no-obligation class!


*Private, outdoor and indoor sessions available by appointment


**Instructors, aspiring instructors, gym owners and program directors contact us for information about certifications, league play, starting a program at your facility or to schedule demonstrations

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